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Made with love 💖


Made with love 💖

Welcome to TotallyGlamCo! My name is Hadassah and I'm an Emote artist/Animator who loves to create feminine African-American art and diverse feminine art. Check out my shop every week for new designs!

Have any questions? Contact me and I'll be happy to help. I hope you enjoy each design & animation as much as I do, and if your interested in seeing more check out my social media pages

Follow my art journey!

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YCH Emotes

Cute custom YCH (your character here) emotes

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Diverse cute emotes for your Twitch streams, get Animated - Upgrade your stream

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What Customers say

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  • Katarina

    "I didn’t look close enough and didn’t realize it was animated. Holy moly when I tested it on my twitch channel my mind was blown. BEAUTIFUL WORK"

  • The X Zone Discord

    "1000000/10. Best customer service, beautiful emotes & deserving artist that works hard to make their customers happy. Best experience!"

  • Tina

    "I love all the emotes at TotallyGlamCo and I love this one too! People often ask me where I got them from and I am always happy to be able to tell them. Thank you Hadassah!"

  • Kourtney

    "After downloading and looking at the emote, it was everything i loved and then some! Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make an incredible emote!"

  • Kedonna

    "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! They’re so pretty on stream too!"

  • Desirae

    "Everyone loves these emotes and so do I im so happy to have them!"

  • fatNsassyPanda

    "Quality, pricing, and upgrades are totally awesome! Everyone compliments the emotes!"

The process

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