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Unique & Diverse Twitch Emotes

About the Animator 💖✍🏿

Well hello! My name is Hadassah and I've been animating & creating since I was 13 years old and really love using open source software to do things no-one else has done!

Want to know more?

I give updates & behind the scenes art videos on tiktok, Instagram & Pinterest. Be sure to check out my socials if you're interested in having a look at unique & diverse animated twitch emotes such as twitch text emotes, black girl emotes, latina emotes and more.

All of my emotes are designed to be fun, unique & easy to use. If for any reason you have any errors please contact me and I'll do my best to make sure you're satisfied.

Made In Blender

Unique Emotes

I really like using Blender to animate my emotes, I think it helps make them look more unique and stand out against the crowd.

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